A&A Financial Services Pty Ltd, CPA, Registered Tax Agent, Tax Accountant was established in 2007 with a strong background and emphasis on strategies for saving on taxes and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the past few years, we have found that many businesses have been finding it hard to make money, have been paying more taxes than they should and overall, have been facing challenges in becoming successful.

Most of these businesses have not been using their existing accounting firm to give them guidance to make more money for the owners and also help the owners take advantage of the tax laws, instead of having the tax laws take advantage of them. Bottom line, the larger companies were paying less in taxes and making more money. The small to medium sized businesses normally could not afford the fees of a quality and experienced accounting firm to do the complete job and were struggling.

If you hired a consultant or larger accounting firm at an hourly rate, the fees might be $300 to $400 per hour. We know that most small business owners could not afford to pay us that way. That is the reason that most accountants only provide compliance, sometimes financial statements, and at the end of the year would file a tax return. The compliance and financials were at one end of the spectrum and at the other end was the year–end tax filing. That left a tremendous void in the middle, which includes business guidance, consultation and tax planning.

The question at A&A Financial – CPAs, Registered Tax Agents, Tax Accountants was how could we provide the necessary services that a small to medium sized company needed to stay in business, make more money and save on taxes – which is guidance, consultation and tax planning – AND make it affordable. We know that a smaller business sometimes needs this type of service more than a larger one!

Our vision is to help our clients and ourselves achieve more than we both thought possible and to have fun doing it!