At A&A Financial – CPA Specialist Small Business Tax Accountants, we focus our accountancy skills specifically on small businesses and taxpayers needing a tax return in the Australia. We specialise in providing accountancy services, tax returns, bookkeeping, tax savings and tax advice to small businesses. Our customers include Sole Traders, Partnerships, Pty Limited Companies and Personal Tax Payers. We understand our clients’ needs and expectations regarding taxes. They tell us they expect:

  • to pay the minimum amount necessary
  • to know their liability soon enough to plan for the payment
  • to be informed about changes that will affect them, and
  • make the process of compliance and taxation as painless as possible including
    • gathering the data
    • completion of the tax return in a timely manner
    • ease of communication
    • quick refund directly into the bank account

We will meet with you to discuss your situation and needs to determine how to lower your tax liability. We also teach our clients what records and receipts to keep, for how long and what information will be necessary for your tax preparation meeting. Please visit our FAQ section for helpful hints to assist you with gathering the right information for your tax return preparation and for answers to some of your questions.

For Tax Matters done right the first time, contact A&A Financial on 1300 889 848 for our team of specialist tax accountants to help you reduce the amount of income tax payable to the government (ATO) and keep your earnings where they belong – with you!

We are much more than an average accountancy firm. Through our commitment to providing you with the latest tax advice, support and industry knowledge, our tax consultants can ensure that you pay ONLY what you are liable for.

Fee Schedule Pricing

All tax return preparation fees are billed based on our firm’s annual fee schedule as agreed beforehand. We provide up–front pricing for tax returns and compliance work at the initial meeting.

Filing throughout Australia

We are able to file your Australian tax returns for you no matter where you live through electronic filing to speed up processing time and confirm when your returns are lodged.

Quick Turn–Around Time

With standard processing, once we receive all of the information for your returns (individual clients only), it usually takes about 1-2 days for completion.

Express Processing Available

For those people with special needs who need their return preparation completed ASAP, we offer express processing services.

Electronic Lodgement

What is better than getting a tax refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)? Getting a FAST tax refund from the ATO. With electronic lodgement, you could get your refund in less than 2 weeks. Choose direct deposit and get your refund even faster (usually within 8–10 working days).

Flexible Payment Options

The standard option of mailing your check with your return is not the only way to make your payment to the Tax Office anymore. You may choose to pay your taxes electronically. You can authorise a direct transfer from your checking or savings account as a part of your return. You are also permitted to make tax payments by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX or Discover). ATO does charge a percentage based fee for credit card payments. The fee as at 19/4/2011 is 0.65% for Visa/MasterCard and 1.25% for AmericanExpress. For more details on credit card payments, please see

Tax Planning

Do you want to plan for any balances due or plan to avoid them? We are available to meet with our clients throughout the year to determine what they can do to reduce tax liabilities and make sure that there are no surprises when their taxes are prepared for that year. Life changes like a new child, marriage, new home, new job, or divorce may result in drastic changes in your tax situation. We are available to review your withholdings status and exemptions to determine if you are having too much or too little withheld from your paycheck. We will show you why it may be better to owe than receive a refund. Don’t wait until it is too late – call us on 1300 889 848 to schedule a tax planning session with us at any time of the year.

We offer all our business clients a tax planning session between March and end of April to start planning for end of year tax rather than after end of financial year, when it may be too late